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Novosibirsk «MSregion» development laboratory «PR.EXE» is presenting an innovative project «Cachalot».

The standard Cachalot machine has a vertical foggy screen size of 2 x 1,5 meters. The unique feature of the project is in the unlimited possibility of increasing the projection’s length and also in changing its linearity including creating arc, closed-loop, oval, and ring structures.

The Cachalot machine is a breakthrough product that has a stunning effect!

«Cachalot» is a unique development by Siberian scientists. It is a flat foggy surface created with the help of ordinary water.

The Cachalot machine creates a clear vertical floating in the air image you can walk right through. It feels dry to the touch and leaves no wet marks on your clothes.

You can use it to launch any event – and an image projected on the screen will grab attention!

Use «Cachalot» during exhibitions ans presentations and your logo will be remembered.

Use «Cachalot» at company parties and your guests will enjoy the festive fairytale atmosphere!

The «Cachalot» machine's demonstration proved its ability to attract attention to the projected image and attract a large number of people. You can put it to good use and present your logo or your product’s image. It looks especially impressive in supermarkets, airports, exhibitions, presentaions and others public gathering places.

Do you want a unique advertising technology? You are looking for best way to draw attention to your product? You found it - it's «Cachalot»! The customers walking through your company logo will  remember and this incredible sensation and image they walked throgh. This is absolutely new way of advertising effect on the customer.

    Companies can use the screen for showing their PR movies. There appears a very real possibility of using the machine at theaters and concert halls. If you are planning an award giving ceremony, an annual festival or any other commercial or private project, you can create the festive atmosphere with the magic screen. Attract people with the help of «Cachalot» machine.

 «Cachalot» immediately grabs the attention regardless of where the image is projected. The screen can be used to attract people in amusement parks, at display stands, museums, nightclubs, supermarkets, casinos, business centers, and during PR moves.

The best companies’ lounges and entrance halls, high-level government institutions, office buildings, and cruise liners – here is but a small list of places where you will once see the Cachalot machine. Some companies can use the screen to show their PR movies, while other companies can show TV programs and feature movies.

The microscopic water droplets are created by ultrasonic waves, and the finest layer of these droplets is stabilized by airflow – exactly the same way as in nature. The image is projected on this surface.

As eyewitnesses say, a person walking through such image or touching it by hand experiences only a slight cool sensation and the image is restored almost immediately. Making use of this feature it is possible to install motion transducers and make the screen interactive: the image will change following the movement of the artist’s hand.

Cachalot is an absolutely new way of advertising effect on the customer.

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